About Us

West Rand Heritage Consultants is a privately owned business with two active members, namely Dr Janet du Plooy (Executive Manager) and Mrs Elna Clark (Office Manager). Collectively they have more than 50 years experience in office administration and management.

The main business of West Rand Heritage Consultants is heritage resource management.  You can read more about our company profile here.

About UsHeritage resource management is a specialised field that needs expertise and knowledge in research and the conservation of heritage resources. The management of heritage resources is controlled by the National Heritage Resources Act (No 25 of 1999) Section 34(1) and Section 38 of the Act especially have relevance to the services rendered by West Rand Heritage Consultants. Section 34(1) determine that “no person may alter or demolish any structure or part of a structure which is older than 60 years without a permit issued by the relevant provincial heritage resources authority.” Changes to the nature, appearance of physical nature of places as a result of development of whatever nature are controlled under Section 38 of the Act. Management in relation to heritage resources includes the conservation, preservation and improvement of a protected place in terms of the Act.

A vast number of structures older than 60 years exist in Krugersdorp, Roodepoort and the West Rand and in Gauteng’s older suburbs. The public in general do not have the knowledge and expertise to complete the required permit application in compliance to the Act and its regulations, as well as for the compilation of a heritage impact assessment as required under Section 38 of the Act. West Rand Heritage Consultants are specialists in motivating Section 34 permit applications and the conducting of heritage scoping reports and heritage impact assessments of the built environment.