Langlaagte Deep Village

LanglaagteThe Langlaagte Deep Village is a proclaimed heritage resource situated on portions of the Remainder of Portions 11 and 142 of the farm Langlaagte 224, Registration Division IQ, Gauteng. Langlaagte Deep Village Conservation Area consisted of a total of 34 semi-detached houses and a recreational hall. It was proclaimed as a National Monument in 1989 under the National Monuments Act of 1969 and is graded as a provincial heritage site under the NHRA.

A HIA was conducted by West Rand Heritage Consultants in 2006 assess the impact of development of surrounding areas and the village itself, on the future of the heritage resource. The main objective of the HIA was to survey the village in order to determine its significance and conservation worthiness that will inform the rehabilitation and future utilisation and management of the resource. An addendum to the HIA-report was submitted in February 2006 due to destructive vandalism to the village by illegal squatters. Read more about the HIA Langlaagte here.

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