The main business of West Rand Heritage Consultants is:

  • Heritage Resource Management
  • Research
  • Genealogy

Although the National Heritage Resources Act (No 25 of 1999) was promulgated in 1998, the majority of the public still claims that they are unaware of the fact that a permit issued by the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority is required before a structure older than 60 years can be demolished, altered, renovated or added on to. Compliance to the Act  by town planners and developers in the submission of heritage impact studies prior to development exceeding 5 000m° in extent lacks also.

Municipalities fail dismally in managing the heritage resources under their jurisdiction. West Rand Heritage Consultants intends to fill the gap in promoting the preservation of the national estate, but also in assisting the public in their applications for permits or heritage impact assessments.

Our Core Services

Heritage Resource

Heritage resource management is a specialised field that needs expertise and knowledge in research and the conservation of heritage resources.



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Articles & Publications

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